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ALS Consortium of Epidemiologic Studies
Adjunct Clinical Faculty Association
AIDS Clinical Trial Unit
Arthritis, Rheumatism, and Aging Medical Information System
African and African American Studies
Michele Elam
Center for African Studies (CAS)
Asian American Students' Association
Asian American Studies
450 Serra Mall, Building 360
Dir. Gordon Chang
Dept. of Aeronautics and Astronautics
Durand Building, 496 Lomita Mall
Asian American Theater Project
School of Law, Room 180,
Butrus T. Khuri-Yakub
Ginzton 11
Ultrasonics Group
Note: (dead) - frat. AEPi (not landed?)
Acts Graduate Christian Fellowship (Southern Baptist Convention) redir to
Martial arts
Frank Doran
Wrestling Room in the Arillaga Family Sports Center. 641 Campus Dr. - religion
Eric Shaqfeh Research Group (Chemical Engineering)
Asia-Pacific Research Center (Shorenstein APARC)
Advanced Project Management - Alpha Phi Omega (service frat) - ITS
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