Rationalist Creed

This is an attempt to make a series of statements that are rational.

  • Nontheism is a more rational view than is theism
  • Evolution is a more rational estimate of the nature of our origins than is Genesis or other traditional creation myths.
  • The assertion that one is composed of atoms is more rational than is the assertion that a human life incorporates a soul.
  • The human life and mind comes into existence, exists for a period of time and then disappears.
  • "Matter flows from place to place and momentarily comes together to be you." R. Dawkins February 2002
  • It is possible to distinguish between progress and regress in human civilization. Democracy is a more advanced form of government than is monarchy. In that sense, it is better form of government. Both implement an orderly transfer of authority as time progresses.
  • In the United States of America, a combination of veterinarians and Animal Control officers manage the process of sterilizing young pets such as cats and dogs and euthanizing the unwanted ones because, as a group, they have found the prerequisite combination of talent, hard work and valor during peacetime to perform their honorable function. They do it so that the quality-of-life of the current generation of such creatures is available to future such generations. They recognize that the higher the rate of sterilization when the animals are young, the lower the rate of euthanization, perhaps even down to zero, is later. It is a dynamic and somewhat cyclical process for which there is no static solution.
  • The Levitron is a remarkable device that demonstrates a dynamic solution of magnetic levitation for which there is not static solution. It is both entertaining and educational and the physical constants of the Universe, if different by small amounts, might easily have precluded its possibility.
  • A team of lawful, trustworthy physicians and officers could perform a similar function fairly in an orderly society in various Earth nations, despite the clever nature of individual citizens.
  • Even in human existence, reproductive health is only one aspect of overall health. An infertile person can realize a meaningful life and and a quality of life that is more admirable than never being alive at all.
  • There are no known long-lasting societies that are unambiguously matriarchal. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Matriarchy
  • The posthumous execution of Oliver Cromwell was based on irrational aspects of human nature.
  • The advice of William Seward to Abraham Lincoln to wait for the victory before announcing the Emancipation Proclamation was good advice. That victory was Antietam.
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